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BusinessWise provide business process improvement services using Lean Six Sigma principles that are specially adapted for SME’s and service sector. 

Applying Lean Six Sigma is the key ingredient for the growth of multinational companies. This is the name of the system that embraces those crystal clear manufacturing principles these big companies use in their everydays. This manufacturing methodology was developed by Toyota in the 1940s after the second World War and continued in 1950s too. It is also known as Lean Manufacturing or Just-in-Time (JIT) Production.

The Japanese economy faced several challenges that time and there were a number of factors that led Toyota to develop the concept of Lean production. One of the main factors was the need to remain competitive in the face of economic challenges and changing consumer demand. In the 1950s, Japan was still recovering from the devastation of World War II, and resources were scarce. This meant that Toyota had to find ways to produce high-quality vehicles with minimal waste and resources while continuously improving their production process.

But Toyota alone was not successful, and this is one key moment we need to notice.

Toyota started to teach these principles to their suppliers too, and this was the starting point of spreading the Lean concept around the world. Based on this principles other big companies developed their own production system, like for example ALCOA has APS (ALCOA Production System), etc…

All these big companies can afford to have their well paid in house six sigma experts in full time employment and this what I meant by mentioning their key ingredient above.

This is why small businesses will left behind all the time.

They don’t have budget for a well paid six sigma expert who can supervise and continuously develop their business processes, until now…

We have developed the method how small and medium sized businesses can understand and apply the principles of Lean Six Sigma in order to establish their growth.

We would like to contribute to the development of your company’s own production system:

  Lean Six Sigma principles adapted to your company

  • Toyota has its own production system called TPS.
  • ALCOA has its own production system called APS.
  • Do your company have their own production system yet?

Office environment

  • You have the perfect production. And how is it about your office?

Service sector

  • Lean Six Sigma has been developed mainly for physical production. However, the principles can be translated for service sector too. While in a manufacturing line a mistake or a faulty product is very visible, this is different in case of a service, where the product is not visible physically. In service sector the wasted time and energy can be as much as 50% or even higher.


If you would like to know more or you think our services could help you in developing your business processes, please send us an email to office@cfdengineering.co.uk