The Big Sourdough Challenge has a real story...

​… I had more than 20 years of experinece in preparing different types of dough, but about two years ago I wanted to learn how to make a proper sourdough bread. As I progressed, I became more and more passionate about it. I have started to bring breads to the monthly office breakfast and my colleagues were amazed all the time. Since I saw the desire in their eyes, I decided to teach them. This was how it all began. The Sourdough Workshop turned out to be a huge success throughout the office, which made me think: What if I could spread this joy to other companies, as well … ?

After the Workshop in the Office...

… people started to communicate more.

They were interested in each other’s progress, helped and encouraged each other.

They said it was a massive joy and fun.


They accomplished something they have not even dreamed of: