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Offering Lean Six Sigma consulting services to improve your business processes.

Using our Lean Six Sigma services our clients can solve problems that are overshadowing their core activity.

Clients use our Lean Six Sigma consulting services because

  • We teach Lean Six Sigma principles in a special way. Our clients understand them at the very basics at concept level and are able to apply these principles in their organisation. 
  • When team members understand how to apply Lean Six Sigma in their own tasks, they will correct mistakes or non optimum work flow on their level automatically and management can focus on looking at the bigger picture. In simpler words this means no more fire fighting on lower levels that usually consumes management energy.
  • Follow the route built up for you in order to get the best results from our services:
    • Sign up for the online course designed specially for SME’s, for Service Sector and Office environment.
    • Sign up your whole team as it will be unavoidable so that they understand your new mindset and the language you speak.
    • Order the on site implementation consultation.

If you would like to know more or you think our Lean Six Sigma Consulting services could improve your business processes, please send us an email to office@cfdengineering.co.uk